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When it comes to choosing your course of dental care, only you and Dr. Vaibhav Bajaj can determine what is right for your smile. If you have a dental cavity, Charlotte Dental Esthetics offers both amalgam and composite dental fillings, and we can help you choose one based on these facts:

– Dental amalgams are comprised of a metallic material that can easily repair large areas of tooth decay and are often recommended for the back teeth. Composite fillings are a mixture of powdered glass and acrylic resin, creating tooth-colored fillings that are more optimal for the front teeth and smaller cavities.

– You may want to choose composite dental filling if you want to enjoy a natural-looking smile. Composite is matched to the color of your surrounding tooth enamel–a feature that amalgam fillings can’t provide.

– Composite fillings are also the ideal choice if you worry about mercury in your smile. While amalgam material contains traces of mercury, dental composite does not.

– Additionally, composites are thought to be more conservative because, while amalgam fillings need to be removed in order to repair damage or replace the filling, composite fillings can often be repaired without being removed.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits and limitations of amalgam and composite dental fillings in Charlotte, North Carolina, we invite you to contact our dentist and team at 704-926-5162 today and schedule an appointment.