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Of all the household objects you use on a daily basis that need to be repaired, re-tuned, or cleaned, a toothbrush is not one of them. Toothbrushes are very simple tools, and while they do need some care, there is no special method to clean them.

Don’t keep a toothbrush for an extended amount of time because it has served you well. Every three months, your toothbrush should be thrown out and you should go shopping for a replacement. If the bristles start to look worn or flattened from use, toss the toothbrush even if the three months aren’t up. Choose a new toothbrush that has soft bristles and a small head that fits easily in your mouth and can reach every area of your smile.

When you are done brushing, don’t store your toothbrush in its holding place right away. Rinse the bristles under a running faucet until any debris has been removed–this is all that is needed to clean your brush. Heating your toothbrush in a microwave or attempting to sterilize it in boiling water or the dishwasher will not kill bacteria, but it may cause damage to the bristles. If you feel that an antiseptic solution is needed, you can soak your brush for about 15 minutes, but any longer length of time could result in damage to the bristles.

When storing your toothbrush, place it in an upright position where it can air dry. Covering your toothbrush or keeping it in a moist place will allow bacteria to breed in the bristles and cause mold. You don’t want to put a nasty moldy toothbrush in your mouth!

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