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Are you concerned about caring for your dental bridge or bridges? In truth, there is little difference between caring for your bridges and your normal teeth, though a few special items may be required or recommended.


Even with bridges, it is almost always best to follow daily brushing and flossing routines that the dentist teaches you. The bridges can withstand being brushed and flossed, much like your normal teeth. Try to form the habit of brushing twice and flossing once every day.


A very important item is to make an effort to visit the dentist twice a year. The dentist can help you maintain both the bridges and the rest of your teeth.


Using a fluoride toothpaste is generally good advice for everyone, but if you received a traditional or cantilever bridge, you may need it all the more. Traditional and cantilever bridges involve removing enamel from one or two of your teeth, which can make them susceptible to decay. Fortunately, fluoride toothpaste can increase their defenses.


You can also increase your chances of cleaning your bridge by eating more vegetables, fruits, and fiber while decreasing the amount of meat. To keep things cleaner, you might try to avoid starchy, sugary, and sticky foods. Sticky foods include caramel, nuts, and popcorn.


If you still have concerns or questions, Dr. Vaibhav Bajaj, our dentist, can expound on these and more ways to care for your bridge. Come see him at Charlotte Dental Esthetics in Charlotte, North Carolina. To call in, dial 704-926-5162. We are eager to help.