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The research that dental professionals have performed on fluoride that it can enhance your tooth enamel strength by enhancing the mineral crystals that make up your smile. There are many ways to receive the amount of fluoride your smile needs to remain healthy. If you are unsure if you are receiving enough fluoride, our dental team would be happy to help you.

The mineral crystals that make up the enamel layer on your teeth keep your smile strong but are still vulnerable to substances such as bacteria and acids in foods. Known as demineralization, this can put your teeth at risk of tooth decay and tooth sensitivity. Your tooth enamel goes through this cycle on a microscopic level daily, and as long as you receive higher fluoride amounts, the strength of your tooth enamel can increase and lower your risk of cavities and other oral health issues.

It’s important to remineralize your teeth by exposing them to the right amount of fluoride through sources such as fluoride toothpaste and fluoridated tap water. You can also receive professional fluoride treatment from the dentist, as well as prescription fluoride supplements that come in the from of gels, foams or tablets.

If you are concerned that you are not receiving enough fluoride in Charlotte, North Carolina, we encourage you to schedule a visit with our dentist, Dr. Vaibhav Bajaj, by contacting Charlotte Dental Esthetics at 704-926-5162 today.